packwasher drywasher

packwasher drywasher

  • Exclusive Features of the PackWasher Drywashers

    1.Lexan (bullet proof plastic) under the riffles helps build more electrostatic charge than other drywashers, improves fine gold recovery. 2. Packwasher drywashers vibrate at a higher frequency (1800 pulses per minute compared to other brands at 600 to 800 ppm) this allows for faster ore prosessing, and better fine gold recovery.

  • Gold King drywasher GOLD PROSPECTING Nugget

    Nov 09, 2017· I came across a gold king drywasher a friend had, it looks similar to the 151 in size atleast, So I bought it. The packwasher is the only other machine I've used.

  • Gold Buddy Drywashers

    Gold Buddy Drywashers Choose below from 3 different models of Gold Buddy drywashers. NOW FEATURING THE BRAND NEW STALLION DRYWASHER the largest capacity drywasher manufactured in the USA.

  • DryWashers for Gold Gold Fever Prospecting

    DryWashers for Gold ... Modern improvements to the gold drywasher make drywashing for gold far more practical and efficient than ever before.

  • Thompson Drywashers©...Redding, California

    Bill Thompson has been building and improving his gold drywashers for the past eleven years...trying to build the best drywasher in the business.

  • Dry Washer Question for the bored; Findmall

    Dry Washer Question for the bored;: Afternoon friends; I know most of us in the heat are bored inside and i have been pondering a question for a piece of fall equipment; Dry Washer or Drywasher im not sure how it spells there; I see there are ...

  • Welcome to the Wonderful World of PackWasher

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of PackWasher ... When I made my first drywasher, I could not believe how well it worked. Fine gold recovery was up 20%.

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    • Gold Drywashers Accessories Drywasher for Gold

      All Gold Buddy drywashers have non-conductive links in all the connectors which help the recovery box keep a static charge. ... The large Gold Buddy drywasher ...

    • what drywasher do you use most ? GOLD

      Jan 26, 2011· If I didn't inclue your drywasher how about ... I,ve used a lot of different drywashers.I now have a packwasher and will not use ... what drywasher

    • Gold Drywasher for Sale

      Gold Drywasher for Sale. Free Drywasher plans. Dry washers are used primarily in areas where water is not available, such as arid and desert areas.